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Pups expected! Blacks and greys. february 2011


At De Hoolhoeve, we believe that breeding dogs brings a lot of responsebility. That´s why we take our hobby very seriously. We have always loved showing our dogs and have made many good friends all over the world.

Like I said, showing is great, and of course a very important part of our breeding, but there are other very important aspects which must be considered. Dogs have to be healthy and in good condition. Our breeding dogs are all X-rayed for hip dysplasia and eye-tested. All our breeding dogs did a temperament test with good result before breeding and all our puppies are tested at the age of 7 weeks on such things as social behaviour, the ability to recover from new experiences, their response to pressure, workability, etc. After the testing we work with the new owners to decide which pup is the best match for them in their situation. Because we think that it is very important to give the new owners as much support as they want, we offer them a free puppy training course.


In 1976 we bred our first litter of Briards. Our first Briards came from Dutch lines. Later, in 1980, we bought Regina d'el Pastre in France. With her we started our oldest tawny line and the 5th generation is with us now. Later, we imported other tawny briards, like Caline de Carrieres Noires and Jacinthe des Monts d'en Crauzille. So we have three different tawny lines now.


With Rejane d´el Pastre( Romy) in 1980 we started our black and grey lines. Romy was a beautiful, black-ardoise bitch beautiful shepherd type. Our daughter Esther showed and trained her with a lot of success. In 1984 Romy was selected in the French Rassemblement. Romy gave her descendents many of her own characteristics. Her granddaughter Delilah Grise van de Hoolhoeve became International Champion. Also out of this line the 5th generation is already walking around in our family. In 1994 Jolly Jumper des Monts d'en Crauzille(black born grey) and his sister Jade (grey) came into our household. Their unbelieveble temperament gave a lot of wonderfull temperaments in their offspring.