Briard in tuin


Dick de Vries takes care of the house, garden and the animals. Besides taking care of the Briards, Dick has a lot of birds. The first Briard came into the de Vries household in 1972 and there have ever been lots more since then. Dick has done a lot of training with his dogs. With the Briard bitches Utah and Regine d'el Pastre, he earned Cynophylia I and II and UV and VZH. With his male Debutant Gris van de Hoolhoeve did he not only Cynophylia but also IPO I, II and III. With every briard in the household Dick and Yvonne do obidiencetraining.

Yvonne de Vries-van Yperen works in a health-care organisation. When she is not working, she is busy with "dog-business". Yvonne has been a trainer for over 20 years, with her Briard training school existing since 1979. She has been doing temperament-tests on litters for over 15 years in different countries.

At the end of the eighties Yvonne got interested in sheep herding, the work the Briard was originally bred for. She went to the U.S.A., France and Germany for training and study. She trained her Briard bitch Hortense (Hippie) des Monts d'en Crauzille to an excellent tending dog. At this moment she is training her bitch Alora to be a good herding dog.

After her training she started to give instruction for sheep herding and to do instinct tests.